Design process

Taking on a design project can be daunting and time consuming as there can be a lot consider.  We will work closely with you to help make the process as painless as possible. 

Understanding what you need to happen and when will allow us to plan the stages that are relevant to your project. 

The  process and stages required can vary from project to project.

We take time to get to know you and your business and work out the most appropriate solution for your project and design aspirations.
Once we are familiar with your needs, we will create your brief. Establishing your needs, expectations and agreeing an end goal which is easily communicated to all parties involved.
We will produce a clear timetable of what needs to happen when. Highlighting the critical dates and tasks in the process aiming to reduce risk and meeting your deadlines.
If you need a new premises, we can help you choose a great building. We can test how the space would work for you and liaise with the landlord on your behalf.
Our designers will invest time to understand your day to day activities and provide the most effective layouts for unique project.
We provide an un-biased selection of the best possible products for your project. We advise on the ‘fit for purpose’ suitability of all items selected, considering the aesthetic, function, financial cost, sustainability and durability.
Creating a space that looks good can promote your business. Our designers will successfully interpret your brand & identity into the three dimensional interior.
Understanding space plans and architectural drawings is not always that easy, so we offer early design sketches and precedent imagery to help you understand the design right from the initial concept.
Property costs are expensive and we understand that space needs to work hard for you. We can help you to challenge how your space is used, advising on the most efficient and cost effective layouts.
Whether it’s new or keeping your existing furniture, products or IT we will always provide an independent recommendation of the right solution for your needs.
Once we know we have a great concept will we produce a detailed drawing package for Construction. Where necessary we will work closely with our contacts in the industry to provide additional specialist, detailed information
We provide our clients with continued support throughout the construction process. We will help you to select the best team for your needs and co-ordinate all aspects of creating your new interior.
Sustainability and life expectancy for any interior is important to all clients and we take this account from day one, ensuring the budget is met not only for the initial design but also for your future.
We want to make sure you are happy with your new space and help you prove the value of the investment, and if there is anything we can do to add even more value then we will.


Our freelance service offers our expertise and skills to our architecture & design & Fit-Out colleagues.

Sometimes we all need an extra pair of hands and we are happy to help out.

We provide confidential & impartial support  working as part of your team to deliver projects under your brand.

Rules and regulations

Complying with the Rules & Regulations is a must on any Construction project.  We will advise you on what Regulations are applicable for your project and will support you where required.

We will offer advice on your role as a Client under the Construction Design Management Regulations and ensure the Design fully complies.

We will produce Planning Drawings and Submit Planning Applications on your behalf.

We ensure the scheme complies with Building Regulations and DDA Regulations.