The Workplace verses the Environment

Sustainability and the Environmental Agenda has never been such a hot topic as it is at present, indeed the UK Government declared a ‘Climate Change Emergency’ in May 2019. How does that effect the workplace and workplace design?   As designers we are careful to design environmentally friendly interiors. (a massive subject and one for another day!) Our designs aim [...]

Let There Be Light!

Light up your workspace and illuminate your talent. The corporate world has begun to catch on to what the retail world has known for decades: lighting is everything! Whilst the retailers of the world make their products irresistible to the buying public by showcasing them in the harsh, bright, insanely white lighting of the windows [...]

Let’s be Sociable!

Fancy a drink? Forming social connection in the workplace helps improve productivity. A bold statement perhaps but let’s think about it for a moment. If you have a problem or faced a challenge on a task, would you feel more comfortable approaching someone you barely knew or someone you had shared a coffee with and [...]

The Ultimate Referendum!

Open Plan or Cellular Offices? OK so we might be a little bored by the topic of Referendums, but talk to anyone who has ever worked in an office or just do a quick online search and you can see that this subject is hotly debated and is certainly not limited to the design and [...]

Are you worth it?…

...Why improving workplace design really does increase productivity and maximise profitability. Since the financial crisis of the late Noughties it seems that workers in Britain are working harder and faster than ever before and yet employers still feel that productivity has not improved. Research studies show that one of the most effective ways to increase [...]