Sustainability and the Environmental Agenda has never been such a hot topic as it is at present, indeed the UK Government declared a ‘Climate Change Emergency’ in May 2019.

How does that effect the workplace and workplace design?


As designers we are careful to design environmentally friendly interiors. (a massive subject and one for another day!) Our designs aim to reduce waste in the construction process, we source sustainable local materials and products limiting a projects carbon footprint and we help occupiers consider the impact of their users on the environment.

However, is that enough?

A recent article within The Guardian newspaper reported on research from thinktank Autonomy, which states workers in the UK would need to move to a nine-hour working week to reduce current carbon intensity levels!

Much as many of us would love a nine-hour working week it may not be the best solution for our economy! But it provides food for thought and certainly got us thinking.


  • Do you (or your employees) NEED to be in the office every single day?
  • Is presenteeism something that is truly essential to the way you work or could your business change?
  • Could you reduce carbon emissions by implementing home working?


Introducing flexible and agile working; allowing home working for 1-2 days a week would reduce the commuting carbon footprint of your employees and therefore help reduce the pollution in our major Cities.

Flexible working also provides the opportunity to re-think your property requirement. If everyone is no longer in the office every day do you need as much desk space?  Floor area could be re-allocated from desking to collaboration space, or providing an amazing social heart to your workplace. There are many, many business benefits to becoming flexible… some of which we have touched upon in previous blogs and others will be covered in more depths over the months to come.

We work with organisations of all sizes who have decided flexible working is right for them, often the driver has not been environmental, but it is a great outcome of their change.

Be Inspired Design support businesses to understand their current situation and produce a strategic plan to move to a new flexible and environmentally friendly workplace. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.