Light up your workspace and illuminate your talent.

The corporate world has begun to catch on to what the retail world has known for decades:

lighting is everything!

Whilst the retailers of the world make their products irresistible to the buying public by showcasing them in the harsh, bright, insanely white lighting of the windows of Oxford Street or in the pages of Vogue, other industries are realising that the correct use of lighting in the workspace can improve mood, energy and output.

Research has demonstrated time and again that the quality of light within a work environment has a direct effect upon increased productivity and yet energy-sapping strip lighting and other dated methods still saturate many workplaces.

How many of us have found ourselves trying hard to concentrate on a presentation or training in a windowless room, lit only by migraine-inducing ancient florescent strip lights, fighting to keep our eyes open? (This can’t all be blamed on the trainer!)

It is even more surprising when this form of talent-limiting lighting is still being used within the more creative industries too.

Forward thinking companies recognise that it is imperative to tailor the light to the specific needs of the team, customers or clients and that it not only has a significant impact on concentration, productivity and customer decisions but, ultimately, your bottom line.

Choosing the correct lighting can directly affect the health and wellbeing of your team and so not only will it increase productivity and the flow of ideas but it will also reduce absence and sick days. LED lighting will also dramatically cut your energy bills, yet again increasing profitability.

Philips Systems’ recent research demonstrates the link between light and circadian rhythms, our natural ‘body clocks’, which regulate and dictate our sleep patterns, when we are most active and when we relax; for instance when you visit a Spa to unwind the lighting used is soft and low yellow lighting.

So how can you alter the lighting within your business to create the optimal conditions for your team to concentrate, create and deliver the best results?

Daylight produces a natural sense of wellbeing within employees, and a report by the World Green Building Council found that workers exposed to natural daylight were 18 percent more productive than their counterparts working purely in artificial light. As part of the design process we always consider how we can make the best use of the daylight available. The most frequently used spaces need to be next to windows and secondary spaces can be located further away.

If budget allows, there are many other ingenious ways to incorporate daylight into a building; it isn’t just about knocking holes in walls to create windows; options such as vast sky lights and glass partitions used in conjunction with softer indirect lighting can provide the perception of outside to flow inside.

Companies based in the northern hemisphere, however, sadly, cannot rely on the resource of natural daylight all year and it is essential to find an element of lighting flexibility that allows the employee to create the atmosphere they need to work to their optimum level. Having personal control of their own environment, such as having individual lighting controls at their work station, allows the team to work independently and not be at the mercy of shared environmental controls which may have a negative impact on their ability to concentrate.

We believe in working closely with you and each member of your team to find the solution you need to bring light into your work world. We will assess the functionality of the lighting at each work station, throughout the entire workspace and through the timeline of each daily process. We will work to understand the needs of both the business as a whole and the individuals in order to provide you with an environment that will naturally create your ultimate output.

If you would like to discuss the potential of your office space and work environment, please get in touch.