Fancy a drink?

Forming social connection in the workplace helps improve productivity. A bold statement perhaps but let’s think about it for a moment.

If you have a problem or faced a challenge on a task, would you feel more comfortable approaching someone you barely knew or someone you had shared a coffee with and chatted with about how their kids were getting on at school?
If you happened to follow the same football team as a senior manager and regularly sat together at lunch to discuss the upcoming match, would you be happier to chat to them about your career progression?

Would you muck in and help out colleagues who are having a tough day when their team has to meet a deadline and time is running out, when you only vaguely recognise them and don’t even know their name?

Forming social connections at work forms bonds, develops trust and encourages collaboration, it is simply human nature. Surely then all business should have a great space for socialising!

A client once told us, they wanted to create such an amazing social hub that it encouraged staff to want to be at work, even when they didn’t need to be. They would consider work as an extension of home and their private lives.

Lets Be Social

Loyalty to colleagues and the business reduces absenteeism, increases retention and encourages staff to go that extra mile for their team and company.

Social space is no longer seen as just a ‘nice to have’ or an added extra for generous companies who have spare funds. Neither are they viewed as a simple way to add value and improve employee engagement (although they also do this very effectively!) High-end businesses now recognise the truth that both the design world and the cultural change departments have been screaming for a long time: that these spaces are incredibly valuable and profitable!

The trend for increased spending on collaborative areas, as studies are showing, really is worth every penny!

We know we can help improve the productivity and culture of your organisation by helping you find ways to incorporate social spaces. Please get in touch. to discuss this further. We will find the right solution for your individual needs.