…Why improving workplace design really does increase productivity and maximise profitability.

Since the financial crisis of the late Noughties it seems that workers in Britain are working harder and faster than ever before and yet employers still feel that productivity has not improved. Research studies show that one of the most effective ways to increase output, both physically and creatively, is to improve the work environment.

Foreword thinking companies are now recognising the benefits associated with improving the workplace environment; the even more forward thinking are already reaping those benefits. Businesses now consider investing in dynamic and modern surroundings a priority and it allows them to present themselves as an Employer of Choice. Studies have shown that candidates for a role often accept a lower financial package in exchange for benefits in the workplace, such as a breakfast area, a gym or showers; that quality of life and feeling valued as an employee rank higher over salary.

A well designed work place not only makes it easier for team members to complete projects and tasks more efficiently but can also induce an atmosphere of collaboration making working together a natural process and removing physical and emotional barriers.

An effectively designed workplace also has a positive effect on the health, concentration, engagement and wellbeing of employees; this not only improves productivity but also reduces absence due to ill health.
A healthy, happy workforce will always be the most loyal and the most profitable.

There are many elements to creating a work space that works for your individual business and, in turn, the individual roles within that business; one size does not fit all. A disorganised and noisy workspace may make it more difficult for some employees to concentrate on detailed work; whilst more creative team members may prefer chaotic and untidy surroundings.

It is important to choose a design company that will work to understand your overall business needs but also will take time to learn the processes and daily routines your team undertake in order to work as efficiently as they can.
Your requirements are as individual as your company and they need to be tailored specifically for you; we like to get to know you and your organisational needs.

Trying to find a way to successfully incorporate all the best and most effective workspace design solutions is our passion; from environmental factors such as lighting, temperature and acoustics, to cultural elements such as personal workspaces and social spaces and ergonomic practices.

We believe in creating the right space for the right task.

Our aim is to improve the conditions under which everyday activities and interactions are performed in your workplace, to both help minimise health risks and reduce absence, and the associated costs for your organisation, and to increase creativity, concentration and results.

But do you really need to improve your workspace? Do you have doubts that it is worth the investment? Will reducing absence really affect your balance sheet and can redesigning your office really increase productivity enough to cover the costs?

In a serious of upcoming articles we hope to explain not just the mechanics of workplace design, such as environmental factors, but also the long term benefits. We hope to demonstrate how this will help you attract and keep the best of best and increase your knowledge economy and your productivity.
We also will make you aware of the pitfalls of not investing in your surroundings; including the yearly cost to industry of absence through ill health resulting from poor work place conditions.

We hope you will join us to discover how to maximise your business potential through thoughtful, ingenious and inspired design solutions!